In celebration of our big Glow Worm release at Rewilding Coombeshead this month 24/08/23 we are sharing 'Insects' written by Jay Griffith and read to us so beautifully by Sir John Lister-Kaye at our symposium 'IF NOT NOW, WHEN?' July 2023. Video footage to be released later this year. Her is our Crowdfunder specifically for the Glow Worm Project If you would like to support our other work please use the donate button on our home page. Thank you for supporting native British wildlife.

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"Keep It Wild" (KIW) is an ambitious group of people driven to make a difference on the ground in the UK. With a wealth of knowledge, experience and bravery, KIW sets itself apart in the fight against the biodiversity crisis, climate change and creating a sustainable future for future generations. We recognise the urgency of these issues and are unafraid to challenge the barriers that stand in our way.

Our organisation was formed initially to purchase and maintain pockets of land that are vital for local communities and wildlife, but are overlooked by larger organisations. We first achieved this by crowdfunding the acquisition of  "Tamarstone" meadow.  

Wildlife rich oases like this one, act as vital stepping stones between larger sites and are important for both local people and wildlife. .
Our projects, captive breeding programs and rare plant propagation work will serve as seeds banks to reintroduce endangered or lost native species back into the UK.

We work in partnership with those who know, enjoy, work, live, or rely upon the land and aim to support nature without compromising the needs of the human community.
With a focus on the Nolan Principles of openness, honesty, integrity, selflessness, objectivity, accountability and leadership, KIW is determined to make a positive, beneficial change for all.
We are in the process of applying for charitable status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) to further our mission of purchasing and holding land in trust for the benefit of all. Join us in our efforts to "Keep It Wild" and work towards a brighter, regenerative future for everyone.
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Wild Cat

Bringing back genetically pure British Wild Cat to help restore ecosystems.

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Derek Gow has lead the work to return this keystone species since 1995. Now we work in conjunction with the Beaver Trust in translocations and house 'at risk' Beaver families until safe, licensed locations can be found . Please help.

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Lights in the dark. Reintroducing these illuminating creatures for future generations. Please help by visiting and making a donation

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Nature Connection, Education, Events & Stays

It is possible to visit and see our work first hand.

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White Stork

Once commonplace on our rooftops, we are bringing back these iconic birds

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Black Stork

These high flyers were once common place in our skies here in the UK

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We are always interested in trying to secure space for Nature. Acquisition of species rich land or land that improves connectivity of sites is of special interest. Please get in touch if you know of such land or own land where we can help you support the return of Nature

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Are you interested in bringing back Nature? Join our fundraising events.

  •  31/05/2024 06:00 PM - 02/06/2024 04:00 PM
  •   rewilding coombeshead

An event that brings Wolf experts from around the world to gather in Devon. Confirmed speakers so far . See ticket platform for most up to date info Confirmed speakers so far (updated weekly) Roy Dennis OBE, Roy Dennis Foundation Carter Neimer USA, TBC Dr. Danielle Schreve, Marc Wilbers Rewilding Academy NL, Theo Gruntjens Lower Saxony Germany, Leo Linnartz ARK Rewilding NL, Jess Peto Exeter University Jos de Bruin Arend De Haas - Rewilding Academy NL, Pedro Prata - Rewilding Portugal Suliman Tammer - Iraq Derek Gow - Hunt for the Shadow Wolf Kindly sponsored by Wolves and Humans Foundation A conversation starter.

  •  26/07/2024 06:00 PM - 28/07/2024 04:00 PM

Sorry if you missed last years but here's your chance to join us on our mission to bring back Nature. The best speakers gather at the awesome Rewilding Coombeshead to knowledge share and get s**t done.

  • KEEP IT WILD, Broadwoodwidger, Lifton, UK PL160JS

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